Home is where the heart is, so my home’s a moving organ,

Belong to many places, feel nowhere like an orphan.

Colombia, Munich, Madrid, yes even sometimes Hessen.

Every place I gift some time, brings with it a new lesson.

Laubach is very special, so fresh in its antiquity,


Everything that’s going on in the world is insane. I’ve tried to think of hundreds of possible ways of how this will be recorded in history. Oftentimes what seemed like an apocalypse, 100s of years later was a milestone in humanity’s never ending pursuit of perfection. Sometimes that is what…

A la pregunta de donde provengo difícilmente le encuentro una respuesta simple. Aunque tenga dos nacionalidades, haya vivido en varios países y sea un ciudadano del mundo, hay una simple verdad inexplicable; Colombia siempre ha sido y siempre será mi Patria. Hay momentos donde me arrepiento de no haber vivido…

Vier Jahreszeiten,

Vier Persönlichkeiten,

Vier Wetterarten,

Vier verschiedene Styles,

Und die Sonne kommt und die Sonne geht,

Der mensch bleibt jedoch gleich;

Im Frühling ist die Blütezeit da wächst endlich der Mais,

Und die Vorfreude die ist groß den bald ist es richtig heiß,

Im Wald wachsen die ersten Blumen,

Although rarely identified Germany was close to victory in 1918. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia at the end of 1917 resulted in a ceasefire in December of 1917 on the eastern front. Russia, looking for peace at every cost, after months of negotiation, signed the treaty of Brest-Litovsk, losing a…

David H Schultheis

Without it being read, nothing ever written can be brought to life.

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